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Actinidia arguta Issai in flower

I have a Actinidia arguta Issai; also known as Kiwi Berry. This plant does not tolerate high potash fertilizer – the tips go a rusty colour and the leaves go brown. What should I feed it on?

Adrian Baggaley

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Korbiniansapfe/Korbinian’s apple, raised by Korbinian Aigner (1885-1966), a Bavarian priest


I read your article about Korbinian Apple and am looking to get a tree or scion wood …. any idea or help in finding such would be appreciated. Although I know it will become a different variety, I would ultimately settle for finding seeds, but that isn’t my ideal. The story of Father Korbinian is great and I want to celebrate that.

Matt Jackson

Korbiniansapfe/Korbinian’s apple was raised by Korbinian Aigner (1885-1966), a Bavarian priest, between 1941 and 1945 when he was a prisoner in a German concentration camp; it became widely planted in Bavaria, but was not named until 1985. For more details see our main website and here : The Apple Priest Korbinian Aigner.   At the bottom of this article a number of German nurseries selling trees are listed



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