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We are a social enterprise based in Melton Mowbray which helps job seekers receive relevant training and qualifications. We are urgently in need of apples for a juicing project which will help our volunteers to improve skills in food/juice production leading hopefully to employment in this sector which is very much a local speciality. If you have any ideas where we might be able to acquire a significant quantity of suitable fruit, please do get in touch. 
We are happy to pay..

William Green

Fruit Forum will pass on information, contacts etc.

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Suspected pear rust

A pear tree in my garden is showing symptoms of what I believe is pear rust.  The characteristic orange/brown leaf spots first appeared on half a dozen leaves on  the Williams’ Bon Chrétien in summer last year and the affected leaves were promptly removed. This summer they have reappeared.  Two neighbouring pear trees, Conference and Doyenne du Comice, seem at present to be unaffected.

I understand that juniper trees are also a host for this disease.  My neighbour has a number of juniper trees in her garden.  Is my Williams therefore doomed to recurrent/permanent infection?  Is this variety particularly susceptible to pear rust or are the Conference and Comice also likely to succumb sooner or later?

Heather Hooper

Under-side of the leaf

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Market in Loas: the mystery fruit is on the table, bottom right – pale green in the blue basket – and also at the front of the table. Dark green berries are betel nuts.

In February I was in Loas where people were eating a hard green fruit about the size of a damson. I was advised not to try any because it was an acquired taste (and I wasn’t offered one!); but they were clearly being enjoyed. It was said that they provided protection against malaria. The closest I have found on the web is the Iranian green plum – Prunus cerasifera which Keepers Nursery have listed as Gojeh Sabz – and I’ve ordered one as it looks interesting anyway.
I’m guessing that this cherry plum, as it comes from the Iranian mountains will be frost hardy, and I look forward to it fruiting in due course. But the fruit looks shinier than the Lao fruit, which I’d like to track down. Any suggestions?

Ian Salisbury

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