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Mystery cherry

Mystery cherry

I have a extremely weak-growing cherry that has rarely produced any fruit. This year it has produced a ‘good’ crop of about about a dozen very sweet fruits of a yellow, flushed red colour when fully ripe. However, it is now very clear that it is not the variety I originally ordered, Sunburst. This variety, together with a number of other trees were originally ordered from a well-known specialist fruit nursery when I was starting my orchard about ten years ago. Of the original consignment of 16 trees, four are very definitely not the varieties requested. I find this very frustrating, as I chose my original varieties very carefully with regard to pollination, suitability for training as cordons etc. Am I entitled to request the nursery to supply replacements, albeit such a long time after purchase? Clearly the ‘goods’ were not as described!

I wondered if my experience is unique. If not, how common is this problem.

Elizabeth Moriarty

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What is known of the origin of the name ‘Foxwhelp’, the cider apple?  The question is part of a discussion on the Cider Workshop.  In The New Book of Apples it says merely ‘Believed to have arisen near a
fox’s earth.’ Is there background or reference on this?  One reader pointed out that the word ‘whelp’ isn’t normally used with foxes.

Dick Dunn

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The Leicestershire Heritage Apple Project is hoping to promote interest in apples originating and related to Leicestershire.

We are looking for scion wood of French Codlin/Leicester-Burton Pippin and Langton’s Nonsuch. I wondered if any readers can help any please? I’m also personally looking for Api Etoillé, I can only find suppliers in the US thus far of this variety, although it hails from Europe.

Melanie Wilson

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Fruiting Loquats?


Loquat shrub

The reports of loquats flowering and fruiting in Britain seem to reflect the milder winters we have had – until the last one! I have assumed that these are seedlings of fruit imported from the Mediterranean regions where there are a number of varieties selected for their fruits. It would be interesting to try out the ones that seem to do well here and Brogdale Farm, home to the National Fruit Collection, is a good place to do this. We are collecting new fruit crops that may do well in our warming climate. With the reported cultivars already fruiting we have a good start for loquats.

My own experience says that loquats must be variable in their response to our climate. I have had one for at least 30 years that has never flowered. I moved it from a wall to an open position about five years ago and still no flowers. It has very large, shiny leaves and typical fawn young shoots as the photograph shows. It has never shown any sign of cold damage even after the last severe winter in Kent. It is very ornamental – but no fruit. Would anyone with a fruiting loquat let us have some cuttings so that we can start a trial at Brogdale? If so, please email me at tomladell@aol.com with your details and we will send you a post paid packet to send them to us at the right time.

Tom La Dell

See also earlier post on this Blog on loquats fruiting in London.

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I am a filmmaker and am in the early stages of researching a film about the story of the English apple. In the film I want to follow a Kent apple orchard/farm through the seasons and weave into this the history of the apple and the myths, traditions and events associated with it. If anyone knows a working farm in Kent who could possibly make a good subject for the film I would really like to know. Ideally the farm should have a long history of growing and selling apples, grow ideally at least 100 varieties of English apple, be knowledgeable and aware of England’s great apple heritage and be opinionated about the current state of the industry and how difficult it can be to keep things going. If you don’t actually know a farm or orchard that fits this description but could point me in the right direction to finding out more that would be great.

Janette Scott

(Fruit Forum can pass any information on to Janette Scott)

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