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I am researching heritage apples in Britain and the effects of climate change upon them for a Bsc Hons in Horticulture. Currently I am seeking scientific and anecdotal evidence from other researchers, orchard owners, gardeners, or anyone really! Particularly changes noticed, observed, recorded of any kind connected with  flowering times, fruiting times, crop quantity, water-logging, drought, frost, pollinator interaction and populations, pests and disease, changes to pruning and watering regimes and so on.

I am also looking forward to contact with others who are involved with this fascinating subject.

Barbara Tremain-Howard

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Standard bushes of currrant and gooseberry

Standard bushes of currant and gooseberry from Frank P Matthews Nursery

I am a novice gardener trying to make plans for my rather tiny garden in Surrey. I would like to grow some soft fruit in pots and while on holiday a while ago I saw some amazing red and white currant bushes that had been trained to grow from one stalk with a mass of fruit growing out of the top. Someone told me this was called a standard bush? Is it possible to buy plants that have been trained in this way? If it is could someone point me in the right direction or give me some advise about how to start growing some soft fruit this way?

Kelly West

Frank P Matthews Nursery, which kindly gave us permission to reproduce the above photograph, supplies standard currant and gooseberry bushes to garden centres all over UK – for more information see  their  web-site and an article on the  main Fruit Forum web-site about the Nursery.

Fruit Forum

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Helen blackberry raised by Derek Jennings

Helen blackberry raised by Derek Jennings

I have read Derek Jennings piece on blackberries on your main web-site, but in New Zealand, which I recently visited, growers had grubbed out Karaka Black and replaced it with Ruani. Where is the definitive list of varieties suitable for the UK, subject to a bit of global warming?

Alan Searby

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Notttingham medlar

Nottingham medlar

I am keen to grow a medlar on my allotment in West Sussex but wonder if anyone has any experience of growing it as a restricted tree form -multiple cordon, espalier, fan? Any advice gratefully received.

John Partis

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