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I was recently sent a sample of ‘Sticky Betty’ apple  from Welshpool.

I’m pretty sure it is Golden Spire but I can’t remember if Golden Spire has a sticky skin.

Any advice?

Ian Sturrock



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Burghley Apple Tree

This ancient apple tree I found in Burghley Park near Stamford. I had heard about the tree from different sources for some time, but had never got round to seeking it out, until now. The history of the tree is that before the Enclosures Act there was a turnpike that went across the Park to Pilsgate. On this road stood a public house called the New Inn, beside which the tree is said to have arisen. The road is well documented by maps and historians and there is a map of 1755 which records the New Inn and its barn. In 1756 Capability Brown started his work at the Park and the New Inn Public House was demolished somewhere between 1789 – 1793. This was when the Park boundary wall was moved so making the pub redundant, as no access was then available to it.

This tree could be well over 200 years old and if so would be one of a few of this age. The fruit is of codlin type and yellow with the occasional pinkish brown flush. The trunk measures 2 metres 12 centimetres at 5ft high and is hollow like a chimney, the top has broken out some years past and new growth has been put on which has kept it going. What a wonderful specimen of perseverance.

Denis Smith



Apples from the Burghley tree

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