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Mulberry tree awaiting transplantation

About 14 years ago, I took a smallish cutting from a large black mulberry tree in West Norfolk. The cutting grew slowly and steadily in a large pot and I promised it to a young woman who had lived at the house from which I took the cutting. However, she does not yet have a permanent place to put the mulberry. The cutting was beginning to look quite poorly by the end of each summer however carefully I looked after it and, in desperation, three winters ago I put it into my garden, assuming it would continue to grow as slowly as it had up till then in its pot. My thinking was that the soil is dry and sandy and over carrstone, sand and chalk layers and apart from the (very) occasional spray of seaweed liquid and an autumn handful of rock dust when everything else gets one, it has to fend for itself. It was an act of madness, as the mulberry plainly likes the spot and has grown very fast ever since it got its roots into the soil.

My question is this – what are the chances of my successfully digging up the mulberry in the next two years (it is currently about 4 feet high x 6 feet wide) and when should I undertake this task (presumably in its winter dormancy but is there an optimum time?). It can’t stay where it is for much longer but I would like to give it the best possible chance of surviving the uprooting.

Helen Coverdale

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Could someone could tell me if the variety Tupi is liked by consumers in the United Kingdom and some characteristics of this blackberry variety? It’s for my thesis work.

Marcela Juarez (Mexico)

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I am buying some fruit trees for a friend’s 50th Birthday. My aim is to pick varieties with outstanding flavour, good disease and pest resistance and trees that require minimal work! Not so easy I guess. Any advice welcome.

As my friend lives on a farm space is not an issue and his Tamworths will I am sure gobble up any unused apples. The first two apple trees were requested so no argument (James Grieve and Howgate wonder on M106 – all trees 2 year half standard) the third an eater.  I am torn over which one, originally I had thought Sunset but have been thinking about Kidds Orange Red or Meridian?

For the cherry I have picked Stella on colt and am happy.

For the plum I had thought old greengage but have been warned they need a pollination partner and can be troublesome so have thought about Opal or Denniston’s Superb on St Julien A?

So any advice?   The apple is a tricky one as is the plum. If you could plant just one of each what would you plant? By the way the farm is in Leicestershire.

Ian McMeekin

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