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Myrobalan Blossom

Myrobalan, cherry plum

Myrobalan, cherry plum

I always look forward to the myrobalan blossom (cherry plum) as the herald of spring and a promise of warmer days soon to come.  However, despite the mild weather and high temperatures for this time of year, the first myrobalan blossom in local gardens this year only appeared on 26 February.  This is relatively late for us here on the North Kent coast; the earliest I have known it was in 2008, when the myrobalans opened on 28 January.

Last week the blossom was suddenly buzzing with insects (mainly honey bees, bumble bees and flies but also a solitary butterfly – small tortoiseshell?) feeding in the sunshine.

Heather Hooper

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I am a final year student at Sheffield Hallam University. I am requiring assistance with research for my project: ‘A feasibility study of South Yorkshire’s orchards as a visitor destination’. I am looking at an inventory, which lists 207 traditional orchards in South Yorkshire; it will help immensely if I could get the name of the owners and location of the orchards due to the fact that I have surveys to give out and a few sample interviews to conduct. The inventory is part of the Natural England Commissioned Report Traditional Orchard Project in England – the creation of an inventory to support the UK Habitat Action Plan.

I plan a survey and questionnaires to gain information and any suggestions as how could I do it successfully, would be very welcome. These are:

South Yorkshire’s orchards as a visitor destination – Public Survey

 South Yorkshire’s orchards as a visitor destination – Researchers Questionnaire

South Yorkshire’s orchards as a visitor destination – Owner’s Questionnaire

 I would like to thank for any given help and information.

Daniela Fatt

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I live in Battlesbridge,  Essex and in about 18 months time would like to create an orchard on a piece of land the size of a football pitch. I do not want tall trees, I would like a mixture of tree types. I need to show the Council as part of my planning application what I am going to plant and how I will plant it: hole size, soil, staking, rabbit guards, etc  and how it will be maintained.

Is there any one who could assist?

Roger Carr

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