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Morello cherry 23 April 2018 at National Fruit Collection, Kent. In flower 10 April 2017.

Here in North East Wales, no doubt due to the long chilly spring, we all have experienced in the UK, I have the peculiar anomaly this year of every early flowering fruit tree being late to flower and catching up with the later flowering trees.
 I cannot recall this unusual happening before but I have only kept accurate records from when I moved here in 2006. I’m keeping a record of what will and what won’t grow here in the Vale of Clwyd where we have a micro-climate and unusually low rainfall for North Wales.
 Things are certainly looking toward a bonus crop of fruit for me this year if the later fruit set on the peach and apricots is anything to go by.
 The hot dry weather from last week has pretty much suddenly burst everything into blossom in an overlapping cycle of events. The plums just overlapping the pears and the cherries overlapping the apples.

Right at this moment on the 27th April I have just into blossom 4 out of 6 apple trees, Charlotte first into flower on 24th April with Scrumptious, followed by Flamenco on 26th, Greensleeves is just opening its first flower buds today. The two Laxton Superb trees are just at the pink bud stage this year.
 Four pears: Beth was first with masses of blossom open on the 21st April this year, followed by Conference, Comice, and Williams’ still in flower.
 Also still in blossom 8 plum trees: Denbigh Plum, 2 Jubileum plum, Marjorie’s Seedling (also a mass of blossom this week), 2 Opal plums, Ontario plum and Victoria. The Victoria and the two Jubileum plums were first to flower this year on 18th April, closely followed by Opal and Denbigh, last was Marjorie’s Seedling on the 24th April. Cherries in flowering sequence this year were: Summer Sun, Early Rivers, 21st April, then Kordia on 23rd, Stella and Morello just starting to flower this week on 26th April.
 All three Apricots (2 Tomcot and 1 Large Early) and peach Redhaven all flowered later, in early March (under cover).

Philip Lunt

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Beth pear April 2018

I can report masses of pear blossom on virtually all of my sixty odd varieties of pear growing in Nottingham. It is without doubt the best for years. Following a bonus of four hot days to get pollinating going, now I ask myself – will the limited amount of bees cope? Fingers crossed no radiation frosts or the return of the ‘Beast from the East’.

Are pears doing well everywhere?

Adrian Baggaley

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Early Rivers Cherry

As we have done for a number of years, we publish the blossom records for the National Fruit Collection at Brogdale, undertaken and kindly supplied by Lorinda Jewsbury. These are records for a selection of varieties (standards and any new accessions) from all the tree fruit collections at Brogdale.

20th April

The slow start to the spring weather held the blossom back this year but the mini-heatwave over the past few days has certainly got the trees up and running. The plums are a good 3 weeks later than last year and the pears are a couple of weeks behind 2017 but open blossom can now be seen in all orchards of the Collection – even a few apples have started to open.

Last year, though, was a particularly early one for the blossom and not the best year to gauge flowering times by. With the late snow and cool start to April this year, 2018 looked set to be a late one. However, it reached 25.8˚C at Brogdale yesterday and the current high temperatures have brought the blossom back on track, certainly for the cherries and pears which are more or less in line with their average flowering dates.

More high temperatures are forecast for the weekend before it cools down next week. I expect a few more apples will open over the weekend and Monday will be another busy day checking the blossom at Brogdale.

Lorinda Jewsbury




Cambridge Gage: 17th April (10% open); 19th April (full flower);

Czar: 16th April (10% open); 17th April (full flower);

Denniston’s Superb (Imperial Gage): 12th April (10% open); 14th April (full flower); 20th April (90% petal fall)

Farleigh Damson: 11th April (10% open); 14th April (full flower);

Marjorie’s Seedling: 17th April (10% open); 18th April (full flower);

Oullins Gage: 15th April (10% open); 17th April (full flower);

Pershore Yellow Egg: 16th April (10% open); 17th April (full flower);

Victoria: 17th April (10% open); 18th April (full flower);



Concorde: 20th April (10% open);

Conference: 20th April (10% open);

Doyenne du Comice:

Louise Bonne of Jersey: 17th April (10% open); 19th April (full flower);



Early Rivers: 18th April (10% open); 19th April (full flower);

Hertford: 18th April (10% open); 20th April (full flower);

Lapins: 18th April (10% open); 19th April (full flower);

Merchant: 18th April (10% open); 20th April (full flower);

Stella: 19th April (10% open);

Sunburst: 19th April (10% open);



Blenheim Orange:

Bramley’s Seedling:

Cox’s Orange Pippin:

Crawley Beauty:


Egremont Russet:



Fiesta/Red Pippin:


James Grieve:



Red Astrachan: 19th April (10% open);

St. Edmund’s Pippin:

Worcester Pearmain:




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