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I have a family apple tree, must be at least 35 years old. Over the years is has developed lumps on the trunk that get bigger every year.”They look knarled”, Can you tell me what they are, and can I treat them?.

Shirley Baber

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Whip and Tongue Graft
a.) scion; b.) rootstock; c). cut surfaces placed together; d). graft bound in place
Drawn by Elisabeth Dowle; reproduced from ‘The New Book of Apples’ by Joan Morgan and Alison Richards, illustrated by Eisabeth Dowle

Transition Hythe (Kent coast) would love to find someone who could come to talk to us about grafting fruit trees. We’d really like to establish community grafting, including of those trees that are left from all of the local orchards that used to be around here. I wondered if there was anyone local who might be willing to do this, please?

Martin Whybrow

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