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I sometimes grow strawberries from seed scraped off the skin of the fruit. The results are variable, fruit comes in all shapes and sizes, and flavour is anything from excellent to wet cardboard; but hitherto the seedlings have always behaved like strawberries. Now, however, I have one that thinks it is a raspberry and is going straight up. The plant is two years old and has not yet produced blossom. When it eventually comes, is the fruit likely to be something out of the ordinary?

Jim Streeton

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A recent article in the Telegraph newspaper suggested that ‘Families planting fruit trees in pursuit of the “Good Life” are putting their homes at risk of subsidence’. The writer went on to explain that according to figures produced by Sainsbury’s Home Insurance 12% of insurance pay outs for subsidence were caused by trees and that ‘apple or pear topped the list of fruit trees householders intended to plant, followed by cherry and plum trees’.

This seems a little over the top – perhaps Sainsburys are worried about people growing their own fruit! By tradition many are planted against walls, but fruit trees are usually trained and/or on dwarfing rootstocks and their root systems are not so large in these circumstances. Perhaps someone has an answer to this?

Terry Read

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I am interested in a Victorian gardener from Rutland. We have discovered that he may have been responsible for an apple seeding and would like some information about it.
The variety is Shillaker’s Seedling. I have done an internet search and tried our local libraries but so far my searches have been fruitless. I presume it will be documented somewhere.

Sarah Adamson

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