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I’m hoping to find information regarding planting a new orchard within Wiltshire containing both local heritage trees and cider apples. I would really appreciate any advice on potential grants that may be available for such a project. My current route of enquiry with Natural England and the council have so far yielding no options.

Wayne O’Farrell

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Saskatoon berries

Saskatoon berries

I am trying to get a hold of Saskatoon berries/small plant and/or seeds for my primary school class to use as a ‘pitch’ for an inter-schools version of Dragons’ Den.  I need to get these before 15th March.  If you could help me with this I would be most grateful.

The Dragons’ Den type competition is being run for primary school children for the first time although it has been done in secondary before.  Our children researched healthy Scottish produce and came across this plant recently introduced to Scotland.  They came up with a proposal for a new produce.  This is an exercise in innovative thinking, presenting an idea whilst learning about healthy eating choices involving Scottish products.

I thought it would be good for the children to have some berries for the ‘dragons’ to sample as part of their pitch.  Anything else you could send to support us in this would be very helpful.  The competition is on 20th March.

Ingrid Morris

Fruit Forum: There is an article  about Saskatoons on our main web-site and the name of a supplier – John Stoa.

Photograph reproduced with kind permission from John Stoa.

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