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I was wondering if anyone here can help me out with some advice please!

I’m trying to grow some apples on their own roots. Sometimes I read that if you plant the tree deeply, so that the graft union is below the soil, then the scion will root and you will, in time, have a tree that is growing on its own roots. In other places I have read that if you plant the tree too deeply it will die. I would be very grateful to hear which is correct, or any ideas or experience anyone has on how to get the scion to root.

Stephen Phillips

Scion rooted Bramley’s Seedling apple tree: see comment below from Jim Streeton

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Coe's Golden Drop plum

For a number of years I have been thinking about planting a new plum tree and have been tempted by the luscious apricot-like Coe’s Golden Drop which was a prized dessert fruit in Victorian times but I have been deterred from choosing this variety because of its reputation as a shy bearer.  However, I became convinced that this was the one to have when I went on walk through the National Plum Collection at Brogdale with the Friends of the National Fruit Collections last year: the two Coe’s Golden Drop trees there were festooned with hundreds of golden plums.

In November 2011 I took delivery of a Coe’s Golden Drop one year maiden whip on St Julian A rootstock and, three days, later it was in the ground.

In December (about a week after planting) I noticed that the bark at the top of the rootstock near the junction with the scion wood appeared damaged. Another photo taken last week (20 January)  seems to indicate that this the damage has progressed and that the bark is peeling.  I have contacted the nursery which supplied the tree but they say that this is normal: what I think is damage is where the bud graft was over-cut last spring and that in a couple of years the trunk will grow over it. However, I still have concerns that this separation of the bark from the trunk will provide an entry point for disease.  I wonder if any of your readers is able to advise me.

Heather Hooper

Rootstock junction late January 2012

Rootstock junction after planting early December 2011

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