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Nottingham Medlar

Nottingham Medlar

Re-starting an old thread… I’m considering a medlar for our garden in Yorkshire (UK zone 7/8). I tried the fruit for the first time a couple of years ago (farm shop in the Vale of Evesham – don’t know the variety) but they were delicious when fully ripe – something like an exotic custard! I didn’t know there were at least 20 varieties, many probably hard to find.
Is the fruit cracking problem also related to weather conditions (wet/dry) at certain stages of fruit growth? Are they all equally prone?
Can Hamid (Keepers Nursery) list those he knows in order of preference? Clearly Iranian at the top! Has anyone experience of the Giant Russian? In general I find over large fruit to be lacking in flavour or other other eating qualities. Is this the case with the larger Medlars?

Robin Stokes

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