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Some of our cuttings got mixed up. Does anyone know how to tell the difference between Gooseberry (Invicta) and Worcesterberry, before fruiting?



Invicta gooseberry


For another post on the Worcesterberry see: https://fruitforum.wordpress.com/2008/07/23/worcesterberry-is-it-widely-grown/

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Invicta gooseberry grafted onto Jostaberry stock on 29 January 2016; thanks to a mild winter it has grown away in the greenhouse and was tip pruned last month to induce bushy growth. 

Because of the extreme vigour of the Jostaberry, I have used it to bud-graft gooseberries on to as standards. So far I’ve managed the gooseberries Captivator and Invicta grown on as standards.
Jostaberry, like the equally vigorous Ribes aureum, will manage four or five foot stems for standards from cuttings taken in early spring and grown on through summer outside and following winter in greenhouse to bud graft in March.
It suckers far less than Ribes aureum which is usual root-stock for grafted gooseberries. Has anyone else tried this?

Phillip Lunt

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