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Glen Doll raspberry

Glen Doll raspberry

I have a fairly new raspberry patch with six varieties, chosen for succession and other virtues. The canes were planted about 18 months ago and this is the first real season of full picking. I garden in South Lincolnshire, near Spalding, on Fenland silt.

One of the six varieties is Glen Doll. I was interested to read the Royal Horticultural Society report, which is very damning of this variety. It reads: ‘The trial panel found little to recommend this cultivar to the amateur gardener. Yield was consistently poor and other cultivars in this category were far superior’. However, for me, Glen Doll has been the star of the show. It began early, as early as Glen Moy and Malling Minerva, has been heavy yielding and is still continuing to yield very well.

I just wanted to report the fact that my experience has been very different from the RHS Trial Panel.

Janet Galpin


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