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Through my research I am also looking at the future of heritage apples from a market angle. One of these is promoting the nutritional value of the fruit.

Somewhere in the information I have read I have come across reference to an apple called Pendragon that is being hailed as a superfood due to its particular phytochemicals.

I cannot find the reference, does anyone know of this, and/or have any further information on the subject of health benefits of apples?

Barbara Tremain-Howard


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I listened with interest to the BBC Food Programme yesterday, Sunday 3 May, that again explored Brogdale in Kent, home of the National Fruit Collections. In essence the BBC was updating the story of the National Fruit Collections covered by the programme in the early 1990s and in 2007. I was pleased to hear that the position at Brogdale is significantly better than in 2007, but as the presenter Shelia Dillon pointed out the future for the Collections is still uncertain since the National Fruit Collections contract is due for renewal within the next 5 years. I would urge anyone interested in fruit or the Brogdale story to form their own view by either listening to Radio 4 today, Monday 4 May, at 16.00 when the programme is re-broadcast or to use the internet listen again facility .  I can only reiterate the view expressed on the programme that in order to ensure the future of the Collections people join the Friends of the National Fruit Collections at Brogdale.

Robert White

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